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Join the Community of Women getting connected to their hearts and to God enjoying a life full of hope and love.

​Download my FREE 5-Step Heart Hack Guide-  Identify the
Unmet Needs in your Heart that lead to toxic emotional cycles and pain ...Without spending years talking to a shrink named Larry.

​This FREE resource guide gets you quickly connected to your heart's needs and emotions and walks you through step-by-step how to begin the process to take back power in your life and end vicious cycles and unhealthy patterns.

Alive & Free Emotional Wholeness Coaching Program is a Christian program designed for women that hunger for a life free from powerlessness towards emotion that want to feel confident and Alive in their own skin.  Many women let their pain define who they are and the only way to manage is by shutting down our hearts and doing what we "should" do.  We adopt friendships with Self-Hatred and Shame and other toxic emotions that we have believed will teach us to do what we should.  This Program provides the community, resources, and specific tools to get connected to your heart, let go of toxic emotions and cycles, and live a life fully present and connected to God, to experience the fullness of love, joy, and peace life has to offer.

Alive & Free's Philosophy is


​When you know How to Connect to your heart and emotions, you can Encounter the moments those emotions and pain began and find out where they've shaped your beliefs about who you are and who God is.  When you Identify your beliefs and bring in the right tools and process, you Transform.  When you do these things, you'll have all the tools necessary to become the most alive and free version of yourself so you can attract the relationships, life, and goals you desire for your life.

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Fast-paced, online “crash course” training with Sammi Robbins: Now You Can have all the tools and process needed to connect to your heart, identify the areas in your heart that are shut down or hidden behind self-protection, and grab onto the beliefs and actions needed to enforce change.

The 5-Step Heart Hack Guide is my step-by-step blueprint to identify the unmet needs in your heart so you can become empowered to meet those needs in a healthy way.

Sign up for a spot in my free training.  In this 1 hour crash course, you'll see the the exact process and tools I give my highest paying clients to get connected to their hearts, encounter the moments that pain created belief systems, and transform into the most alive and free versions of themselves.

The Alive & Free Coaching Program is an 9-Week Intensive Online course with live coaching and community designed not just to give you the information to transform, but the how-to so you can actually implement and see massive change in your life.


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​No Names are Mentioned because we value and respect the Privacy and Vulnerability of our clients and our goal is to give to them, not to take from them.  We will have the same respect and honor for your privacy.

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