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There's something about just seeing real people talk about their experience.  This Page is so you can scroll through what real women are saying (more than 30 testimonies) about working with Sammi & Spencer.  It's not meant to be a pretty don't get all judgey- just want you to see other women like you that have been on this process too.  Scroll away!
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Brie's Story
Brie did the 9-Week "Come Alive" 9-Week intensive and shared her experience of the program.
Brittany's Story
Brittany finished the 9-Week program.  She started out feeling powerless to her emotions and triggers and feels free in so many ways-watch her story.
Read these Testimonies Below- They are rich in inspiration and details into their process.
Client: Xana
Xana is one of Sammi's first clients.  (we think it's super funny LOL) 
She has an amazing story and is influencing people in Hollywood and the acting community.  Xana is starting to work with women herself and is only growing in her impact and influence.  She's also hilarious and this is what she has to say...
See what girls are saying in the current programs...
Testimonials from our Facebook Group
Beth was a 1-1 Client and has moved into our 9-Week Program as Well as our 12-Month Mentorship Program...She just stepped into an amazing relationship with a healthy, Godly guy that pursues health and runs toward his pain and fears.
Chelsea has an amazing online fitness business and has a massive social media following and has been passionate about health her whole life...after working with Alive & Free, her level of depth and impact has below.
Sarah has grown from being very timid to owning her voice, from feeling disconnected from God to having daily encounters, from feeling levels of powerlessness in relationship to feeling powerful and at in peace in her decisions.  
Sarah is an amazing mom and went on this intentional process not only for her but for her daughter.  
More from Clients in the Facebook Group
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