Meet Our Team

Alive and Free Team

Our team is a very special group of individuals. Most of us have gone through the program ourselves and have been personally impacted by the Alive and Free culture. We believe in emotional health and spiritual breakthrough for everyone. We all love each other and we all press into our own emotional health journeys. Please take some time to see who we are below.

Samantha Robbins

CEO, President

“I’m wildly in love with Jesus, my husband, and my pup Mosley.

If I could do one thing with my life it would be removing the emotional blocks and walls that disconnect people from the father, themselves, and the people they love. I believe that once those blocks/walls from past pain are healed that we can all live in the fullness God created us for. I want to see men and women come alive and thrive in this life.

I’m all about childlike wonder, connection, adventure, and learning to live life from the overflow. When I’m not working with our Alive & Free team, creating content, and working with our amazing clients… I’m working out, climbing mountains, snorkeling and surfing, and cooking healthy meals before I chase that days sunset. “

Spencer Robbins

CEO, President

I love Sammi and love business, and have gone through an amazing journey of heart healing myself, which empowers me for giving that to others.

Taylor Robbins


Husband to the most beautiful woman inside and out, father to three adorable children, passionate about business, servant of christ, and I like to make a movie quote every statement I make.

Jamie Salazar

Director of Operations

One of my favorite things about myself is that I’m a really good friend. Also I had a pet raccoon once.

Jenny Channell

Coaching Director

“With about 7 years of intentional emotional healing experience, I find passion in giving away the tools and lessons I’ve gained. I’m an empowerer and coach of other hungry women walking out their beautiful, individual journey of unlocking the fullness of all they have access to in Christ. When I’m not kickin’ back with Jesus watching him set women free, I love to travel, snuggle my pup, and hangout at breweries and bonfires with my friends – enjoying the beautiful life right in front of me.”

Shelby Knipp

Acquisitions Coordinator

Former client & now employee who wouldn’t be anywhere near where i’m at now without Alive & Free.  Admin queen by day, food enthusiast/ travel guru by night. Constantly going after MORE, staying vulnerable, and making homemade bagels. 

Brie Aronson

Head Support Coach

Through A&F I realized I am not a project needing to be fixed, but a heart that’s looking for love. I’ve experienced so much gentleness and relief in my relationship with God and truly believe the Father, Son, and Spirit are better than we know. I love holding space for people and watching the lights come on to how much they are loved!

Elise Talbot

Executive Assistant to Sammi and Spencer

Elise currently resides in NorCal and enjoys dinner parties with her friends, weightlifting, and has a passion for interior design. She has been on an inner healing journey for the past 3 years and has rededicated her life to the Lord, graduated from Bethel’s School of Supernatural Ministry, as well as, gone through our Come Alive course. She is relentless towards growth, and freely receiving the love of Jesus and giving it away daily. 

Kaitlyn Carpenter

Client Account Coordinator

I  am extremely passionate about what we do and being able to be a part of it, is a form of freedom I never thought I would experience.

Kendall Swanson

Client Account Manager

Hi my name is Kendall Swanson and I am the Client Success Representative. I am a born and bred Californian and spend most of my time eating. My top love language has dwindled down to almond croissants. My favorite thing is challenging, supporting, and loving people well. Leaving space for myself to adventure with the Lord has been the greatest gift of my life so far. 

Melanie Huggard


Meet Melanie Huggard, one of our Enrollment Coaches and Group Coaches for the program Melanie has been with her husband for 29 years and has 3 adult children that she adores. She has been a life consultant for years, working with survivors of trafficking and woman of all walks Melanie loves using her skills and giftings to serve the women of Alive and Free. In her free time, you will catch her spending time with loved ones, writing her first book and
hanging at the lake or the beach whenever she can!

Sherah Pettus

Support Coach

Sherah is a lifelong student and is passionate about understanding how trauma keeps us stuck and how coming home to our bodies can help us break our deepest held pain cycles. When she isn’t studying she loves going to the gym, trying different ways to heal her body, and enjoying friends and good food. 

Shaina Smith

Enrollment Coach

I’m passionate about freedom. I believe we were meant live a life with no limitations or fear -to step into the calling and dreams God has for us. A life healed means a life not ruled by fear but by faith and I’m passionate to see women free from their fears so they can step into the woman God created them to be- and begin to feel like they’re finally living.”

Kate Whitney

Enrollment Coach

I am passionate about seeing people walk in their destiny in God and know who they are. Healed, whole, loved, valued, heard, seen, known, and Fully Alive and Free

Claire Masteller

Enrollment Coach

I love God, everything outside, dogs, good pizza, and forever a good laugh. I live to see people step into their true identity of who God has made them to be and live a powerful life. Joy is a big deal and obsessed with kindness over being right.

It’s a great day to have a great day 🙂

Brianne Brooks

Enrollment Coordinator

Hi! My name is Brianne. My husband and I have an adorable baby boy, Jett. This is our first baby and we have loved watching him grow and all the “firsts”. I received my Bachelor’s in Liberal Arts from Simpson University with plans to become a teacher. One thing life has taught me is that it doesn’t always go according to plan and that’s where ultimate trust and surrender comes in with God. I am an enneagram 3, enjoy family dinners, being outside, the beach, my friends, and games.  I’m a huge believer in emotional health, especially when it comes to youth, and feel very thankful for my life and my journey! 

Whitney Hancock

Enrollment Coordinator

Whitney is a dancer & choreographer with love for all things movement, play, and connection. So whether it’s hiking, surfing, dancing, yoga etc… you’ll always find her looking for adventure and opportunity for memory-making in the great outdoors with her favorite people. Throw in a sunset dinner party with (obviously) a dance-off to finish, and you have made her day. 

Crystal Miyazono

Enrollment Coordinator

Hi! My name is Crystal. I’m passionate about all things wellness and taking care of my mind, body, and spirit. My desire is to have God at the center of all that I do and to have his love flow through onto others. I’m a wife, cat mom, and fitness instructor living in beautiful Virginia. When I’m not working you’ll find me making music playlists, learning something new, or spending time with loved ones.

Taylor Knopes

Enrollment Coordinator

Hi! My name is Taylor Knopes and I’m an enrollment coach for Alive and Free. I’m married to the best human and I love our little family of two. I’m passionate about making the most of every day and finding adventure. My is life centered around fun, celebration, and intentional connection to nature and people closest to me. I believe there’s nothing too small to celebrate and there’s always an opportunity to have fun. Cheers to life!

Maggie Palmer

Enrollment Coordinator

Hi, I’m Maggie! I am a dog mom, lover of food, and all things self-care. I love personal training and exercising myself, whether it is in the weight room or outside with my puppy, Brodie. I love everything about fall: cozy sweaters, football, pumpkin spice and crisp weather. Spending time with friends is one of my favorite pass times but I also enjoy curling up in a blanket with lots of pillows and watching Friends, New Girl, or Dream Home Makeover on Netflix. I have a passion for working with people and am always looking for ways to improve myself and my walk with Jesus.

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