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Alive and Free Team

Our team is a very special group of individuals. Most of us have gone through the program ourselves and have been personally impacted by the Alive and Free culture. We believe in emotional health and spiritual breakthrough for everyone. We all love each other and we all press into our own emotional health journeys. Please take some time to see who we are below.

Samantha Robbins

CEO, President

“I’m wildly in love with Jesus, my husband, and my pup Mosley.

If I could do one thing with my life it would be removing the emotional blocks and walls that disconnect people from the father, themselves, and the people they love. I believe that once those blocks/walls from past pain are healed that we can all live in the fullness God created us for. I want to see men and women come alive and thrive in this life.

I’m all about childlike wonder, connection, adventure, and learning to live life from the overflow. When I’m not working with our Alive & Free team, creating content, and working with our amazing clients… I’m working out, climbing mountains, snorkeling and surfing, and cooking healthy meals before I chase that days sunset. “

Spencer Robbins

CEO, President

I love Sammi and love business, and have gone through an amazing journey of heart healing myself, which empowers me for giving that to others.

Taylor Robbins


Husband to the most beautiful woman inside and out, father to three adorable children, passionate about business, servant of christ, and I like to make a movie quote every statement I make.

Jamie Salazar

Operations Manager

One of my favorite things about myself is that I’m a really good friend. Also I had a pet raccoon once.


Lead Support Coach

“With about 7 years of intentional emotional healing experience, I find passion in giving away the tools and lessons I’ve gained. I’m an empowerer and coach of other hungry women walking out their beautiful, individual journey of unlocking the fullness of all they have access to in Christ. When I’m not kickin’ back with Jesus watching him set women free, I love to travel, snuggle my pup, and hangout at breweries and bonfires with my friends – enjoying the beautiful life right in front of me.”

Shaina Smith

Enrollment Lead

“Life’s a party rock yo body”

Shelby Knipp

Enrollment Lead

“Enneagram 7 who’s playful, free spirited, and practical. I have a deep desire to chase after & lead women towards more connection, more intimacy with our creator and more freedom to make messes. Forever coloring outside the lines.”

Alexandria Hanson

Enrollment Coach

I am on fire for God. I would describe myself as, loving, prayer warrior, and a great listener. I’m a go getter, goal oriented person and live a very active lifestyle. I’m very fun and innovative. I’m a mother to a beautiful boy and two labradoodles. I love my job, showing up each day, and doing my part. The awesome quote I live by “you have to show up to get the results you want

Miriam Smout

Enrollment Coach

Miriam is wife to Col (34 years), mother of five and grandmother to one!! Her passion is to see women express their true beauty from the inside out and for them to be valued, treasured and loved for who they truly are.

Supporting women break unhealthy cycles of relationship with themselves and others to become the beautiful soul they were created to be at Alive and Free is a privilege and a thrill.

For thrills on the side, she loves to mountain bike ride in the Australian bush, take long walks and swim at the beach. Her favorite way to relax is watching a beautiful Australian sunset on the beach with a glass of Shiraz.

Janet Ramirez

Enrollment Coach

I am passionate about helping women begin a journey of heart healing to step into radical transformation and freedom through authentic relationship with God. I want to give away what I’ve cultivated and learned to help women experience wholeness and fulfillment within themselves and with others, that only comes through connection and intimacy with papa.

Melanie Huggard

Enrollment Coach

Meet Melanie Huggard, one of our Enrollment Coaches and Group Coaches for the program Melanie has been with her husband for 29 years and has 3 adult children that she adores. She has been a life consultant for years, working with survivors of trafficking and woman of all walks Melanie loves using her skills and giftings to serve the women of Alive and Free. In her free time, you will catch her spending time with loved ones, writing her first book and
hanging at the lake or the beach whenever she can!

Jessie Duca

Support Coach

Jessie connected with Alive and Free back in April of 2019 as a client herself. For years she has been pursuing God and His goodness in her life. There were still areas of her life she felt stuck in such as shame around her past, relationship with men, codependency, and loving herself well. During her time with Alive and Free she had radical freedom and healing that allowed her to break free of fear, shame, and be connected to herself, God, others and even a man she recently married! She now loves to see other women get free from areas in their lives they feel stuck in. It brings her joy to work for a company like A&F that cares not only about our spiritual connection with God, but our connection to ourselves and how we can truly see God in everything. In her free time you’ll find Jessie singing, being childlike in nature, creating and spending quality time with the people she loves!

Courtney Carlson

Support Coach

Hey, I’m Courtney! I’m a mother of three, and a teacher. I’m in beautiful Colorado. I’ve been on my own journey to healing, health and freedom for many years now. I love to pass on and teach what I’ve learned along the way.

Alexis Ricketts

Client Success Representative

Hi! My name is Alexis Ricketts and I am the Client Success Representative. I am a wife to the most amazing husband, and a mother, two roles that I absolutely love! I grew up in Guatemala, which is still one of my most favorite places, but currently live in Chattanooga, TN. I love to travel and experience new cultures, and coffee is my love language! One of my biggest passions is to see women whole, healthy, and happy and to be walking in the fullness of who God has called them to be, and in their God given identity, full of the authority He has given us.

Brie Aronson

Onboarding & Support Coach

Through A&F I realized I am not a project needing to be fixed, but a heart that’s looking for love. I’ve experienced so much gentleness and relief in my relationship with God and truly believe the Father, Son, and Spirit are better than we know. I love holding space for people and watching the lights come on to how much they are loved!

Taylor Gibbs

Support Coach

“I love bringing freedom to people’s hearts and minds! I also really enjoy making music, playing piano, painting abstract paintings.”

Nicole Samudio

Enrollment Coach

“Nicole is a radical lover and follower of Jesus. She has been in ministry and intentional emotional healing training for 8 years. She has a Youtube channel, is an author and speaks regularly in the body of Christ. She’s passionate about helping women become whole and thrive in their hearts and relationships. Alive and Free completely changed her life and she loves being able to share it with other women so they can choose into their freedom too!”


Enrollment Coach

“Alabamian residing in Northern California – I’m all about breaking life’s boxes, discovering potential and finding beauty in everything!”

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