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What Our Clients Say

“…I couldn’t handle even the thought of having normal conversation with men… Men freaked me out, they were my worst nightmare, at the time. I was attracting men just like my father and it was a continuous cycle…I tried everything I could think of…therapy, solos, lots and lots of prayer…I can finally say that men don’t scare me anymore and I have a boyfriend that treats me like a queen.”


“I started the program in April and I was so broken from a terrible marriage that led to divorce then multiple bad relationships afterwards. I was so over dating and didn’t want to do it anymore and was so discouraged and just emotionally drained. I needed something to help me heal and learn how to live freely from my past and learn how to be me. I’ve become so self aware and worked through so much trauma and I don’t have ptsd from my ex-husband anymore. I’ve grown so much.”


“I’ve learned so much about owning my voice, not letting the voice of shame take up space, not being afraid of conflict and confrontation, communicating bravely, and loving myself the way God does.”


“I have learned to stick to my boundaries and not let someone else push them to where i am uncomfortable.”


“Was able to break shame and guilt off a relationship that I wanted to end because the attraction wasn’t there. I was able to end it feeling powerful in my choice and excited for other opportunities!”


“I’ve become aware of the root of one of my perpetuating cycles in relationships, so now i feel like i can actually go back and give my heart love in the places where my needs went unmet and actually BREAK THESE CYCLES!!”


“After 20 years of trying to learn how to relate to guys, I got engaged!!!!!!”


“My hubby notices such deep change in me to the point where we are both becoming literally like lil kids together. We’ve been giggling for days in a row now even when we’re both doing other things apart & when we get mini breaks we bust out laughing about the silliest shit. I just love how we’re both connected to joy together in the midst of things falling apart around us..literally our house got flooded & our house is under reconstruction but tonight we played gratitude game & then just started dreaming about making our money work for us in the midst of this. I feel so tender in my marriage & I’m just thankful for this blooming.”


“Through this course, I’ve recognized that I have given my voice/power away. Since that recognition I’ve started letting my voice be heard and taking my power back. It feels so life giving and a new sense of confidence.”


“God doesn’t need anything from me. I don’t need to prove my love. I don’t need to force myself to give him my life. He doesn’t violate me and my needs. He doesn’t force me into anything. This was huge since this is how I was raised! Huge breakthrough for me feeling more comfortable in relationship and rejecting people who made me feel this way about them.”


“Been putting myself out there way more with guys and truly feel like I’m becoming the most open and excited about dating I ever have before”